Be true to you

Don’t let others influence your life

more so than what you believe in your own mind,

cast away the self doubt

understand that your thoughts and beliefs, are yours alone

and that on this path you follow

they were tailor made to fit

and other opinions know nothing of this,

or the path that you are on.

You are unique and full of wisdom

shine you light of authenticity,

for no one else can know you, they only know you by perception

and this can be so wrong, like a subtle deception,

of what is real and what is only what they choose to see.

So trust me

and believe me

and live your life your way,

stand and fall on your own merits

be authentic everyday,

be the the light in every wa,

and all in life will be in the end OK,

because you stayed true to you

and refused to stray

and remained on your path

to happiness and love forever.


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