Writers block

The Goddess awakens in our hearts   before she awakens in the world ❤   --Marianne Williamson


She sat at the laptop in quiet contemplation,

hoping in these quiet moments for a little inspiration,

writers block had set in and her mind was now just blank,

her posture in her chair reflected her mood, as she just sank.

As she mused she remembered days gone by,

when she was out having fun meeting girlfriends and guys

and as she remembered one wonderful night, that she vowed she would never forget,

her thoughts turned to writing it up as an erotic love story

and word by she typed her night of love, lust and experience down

and as she did she found one hand slowing moving south

and stimulating her body, she found it stimulated her mind

and the more she felt the passion and the juices flowing through her,

creatively she stretched herself to a place she had never been

and she touched places and engaged with feelings that were intense like a wild dream,

as her body relaxed, she sat back and arched her back.

She allowed her thoughts to lead her fingers and entered the scene of that hot night,

where her love and lust had been released in an explosion of passion,

to a place she had never been and on levels of higher vibrancy and frequency,

she again was close to release as she closed her eyes, long legs spread,

with thoughts resonating in her head, she touched and caressed with greater intensity,

as if she believed she could hear them breathe, over her taut and aching body,

through her tight short dress, she ran her fingers through her hair, making it a mess

and she bit her bottom lip to stop the moans and the shouts

but to no avail as she let it all out her body rocked in time,

to the rhythm in her mind, that caused her essences to ignite as they flowed like a waterfall

and she was, in this moment lost in it all but found she was to far gone to stop,

and as she took it to a higher level, her body rocked and fireworks exploded in her mind, as they did the night, that she pictured in her head,

who was to know that feeling could be redefined, hear alone, solo

and she loved this so.

After moments of peaking and after physically reaching a climax point,

she sat back and bathed in the after glow, that was oh, so warm.

Then the phone rang and her friend said, ‘did you know? I thought that was amazing, thanks for the show’, she blushed and asked how did they know?

and she said, ‘you must have clicked Skype and videoed me and I thought it to rude to interrupt this amazingly passionate thing’,

they both laughed and and got to talking about that night they shared and did something she had never before dared

and hoped that it was OK that she was using it to inspire, her writing

and her friend she was humbled and pleased she felt the need to share.

The writers blocked ended there and from then her books took on another slant,

based on love and doing things we are taught are wrong

and that something are worth taking a risk, but calculated and with people you can trust,

you can find so much love.


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6 thoughts on “Writers block

  1. Well, that took a turn I wasn’t expecting haha. It’s pretty amazing how many ways you can find inspiration for writing, and how it can develop depending on the inspiration.
    I’m curious as to where the person in your poem would have gone, in terms of their writing, if the inspiration wasn’t so sexual!


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