Evergreen Queen

She hypnotized me

And had me in her trance,

With all her evergreen beauty

She had new at once,

The heady music filled my soul

As I felt the beat of ancient rhythms,

Echoeing through the trees

Then I saw evergreen queen,

Mother Nature in her finery

Who would have believed,

She would appear for me.

The evergreen queen

Moves among the trees,

Healing and singing

Eldritch incantations,

For me to see

She waved her hands

And she created magic,

It was all like a dream,

She walked on pillows of moss

She caressed and hugged the trees,

I could barely believe

She would show this to me,

All created at her finger tips,

The evergreen queen

Mother Nature blessing me

Was it all just a dream

It was all so serene

Walking through forests

With the evergreen queen.

Via:Daily Prompt: Trance

Picture courtesy of Pinterest


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