Don’t leave it to late

Don’t leave it to late,

Like when your standing at the station

Seeing your train pulling away

And you get that stressed out exasperated feeling,

So don’t leave things to late,

Like saying to those you love Just how you feel

For may never get that chance again.

The chances are they feel the same way,

The chances are they’ll fade away,

Or just walk out that door

And you will never see them again.

Do don’t leave it to late,

To tell those who are close to you

Just how you feel and how much they mean to you,

For there are rarely second chances,

So make sure that you seize the day

And don’t leave things to late.

Sometimes opportunities may come your way

And it can be natural to hesitate

But fortune favours the brave

And some times you have to take,

A big risk of faith, to achieve your dreams

So don’t leave it to late,

Don’t be standing watching that departing train,

It’s to much of a heartbreak,

So make sure you do not go

And leave it to late,

Sometimes we have to be brave

And take a blind leap of faith

But the universe it seems to work that way.


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