When love is blind

She loved him so much that

She could not do without him,

Invested all her life and all her time in him,

He knew this and used this,

To exert his control

Used it to his advantage

And she would not be told,

When love is blind what can you do,

I have tried so hard to help you

But you just will not help yourself,

So what more can I do,

I can’t just sit here watching him

Constantly controlling you,

I just can’t sit and watching him

Always happily abusing you,

You need to open your eyes,

You need to decide to get wise,

You need to put up a fight

And stop letting him walk all over you.

When love is blind what is there that we can do,

Just stand by and be there for you

When it all falls to pieces

And you need someone to put you back together again,

And help you over the heartbreak and the pain,

I will then try to heal you once again.


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