Prim and proper

She is seen around town

As being so very prim and proper,

Conservative style

She could be confused as rank and file,

In the women’s institute

But behind closed doors she would supprise you,

Silk lingerie and she likes to wear stockings

And be sordid and depraved,

She loves sex in every way

And she does what she can

She is willing to turn her hand,

To anything she discovers as new,

Who knew? most had her down as a prude.

It just shows how perceptions,

About people can be so wrong,

It just shows that we don’t know,

In other people’s lives whats going on

But don’t judge her,

Don’t condemn her,

She is living life her way and that’s fine,

Prim and proper her public face

But in private likes the opposite in every way.


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