Facets of love

Love is many faceted thing

some people throw themselves headlong in,

others simply play games with others emotions

some find it hard connecting at all.

Some go for attachment and merge as into one

surrender their identity for the greater love,

some are like twin flames burning so bright

setting the standard of love so high,.

Others play games emotionally

say they’re committed without the belief,

others act out roles they think that they should play

but cold and unfeeling it’s just simply an act.

Others go into love to control and use

and ending up dishing out terrible abuse,

they have a twisted distorted view

on what love should be and that in their opinion is hurting you,

‘treat them mean keep them keen’, that is their outlook,

‘keep them barefoot and pregnant’, that is their way.

There are many aspects of love some are in for the money,

some are in the material advantages,

some are in it because it suits their lifestyle,

who knows what works and what people think is worth while,

persevering with and remaining attached too,

people have different ideas of what love is true,

me I think it’s about compassion and showing respect,

yet keeping you identity while giving it your all for love

and shining your light on others in every other aspect,

be prepared to give your heart and to give your soul,

or there is no point in loving at all,

I keep my heart open to everyone to walk in,

because I believe in unconditional and trans formative loving.


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