Grow you own it’s a far better thing

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Grow your own authority,

no corporations and no more greed,

break away from the establishment,

no corruption and no government,

be your own master and nobody’s slave

time this tired system was replaced,

grow you own food it’s a far better thing

no toxic pollution and no poisoning,

be responsible for your own life

this existential logic has always been right,

share the love along with the peace

no more hatred, war and death,

where the innocent bleed,

Be the change in a brand new age

break away from the rat race,

time to break out of your domestication

we are more than borders, flags, anthems and nations,

we are the people and we have the power

lets create a new order and topple their ivory towers,

be the freedom and walk the way,

of the spiritual path of love and light today.


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