One second to midnight.

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One second to midnight and the clock is ticking

and the environment is still alive and kicking

but it needs humanity to show it’s support

not just talking the talk but walking the walk,

time to stop governments and corporations

dividing us and segregating,

we all need to unite behind the greatest cause

saving our planet and stopping all wars,

time to make a stand, there is no hope in silence,

put and end to all this mindless violence,

perpetrated by those who disagree

and make a stand for nature and humanity.

One second to midnight and the threat is still there

of homicidal nuclear warfare,

time to disarm the world of these bombs,

start to evolve and moving on,

using our intelligence and our lust for knowledge,

use it for good and start moving forward,

instead of staying rooted in division, hatred, war,

and build a brand new resource based system worth living for.


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