What we see as perfection is flawed

She wore a super tight dress

That oozed sex

She had an incredible body

And super long legs

She was the hottest woman

Anyone has ever seen

She was x rated

Men’s thoughts were close to being

Totally obscene

When they saw her walking

With that strut and that swagger

Her wit and wisdom sharper than a dagger

She was passion she was sex

She was never second best

And when she looked at me and asked what did I see

I said she was part strong part weak

With vulnerabilities

I said I see a warrior

I see a queen

I see a goddess

I see you gleam

But I also see

Your darkness

And you need to be healed

I sense your need just to feel

That you can be lived and cherished for your soul

That she needed someone just to hold

Her hand and she walked down her road

To spiritual awakening

And consciousness

To see that through her external perfectness

Inside she was chaos and a total mess

She wanted to be loved by someone who saw past her dress

Her body and her very long legs

And realised that her confidence was simply a front

That actually what she needed was spiritual love

To guide her to transcendence

And an enlightened way of life

Someone who would in the end just live her right.

Via: Daily Prompt: ooze

Picture courtesy of Pinterest


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