Ignorant or greedy?

Voracious corporation’s

And weak corrupt governments,

Go hand in hand destroying our environment,

It’s either out of ignorance or out or greed,

I keep looking for the answers

But there are none to see,

Meanwhile Mother Nature bleeds

And because of their policies,

People starve and suffer from disease

And are made to beg

And made to plead,

For scraps from the table of the one percent,

While they fund wars it makes no sense,

Every way they add to the decay

And find new ways to kill humanity each day.


4 thoughts on “Ignorant or greedy?

  1. I would say it is BOTH, because ignorance of you Divine inner Light and Goodness, can make a person feel a constant “lack or emptiness” that makes them greedy for more. Those aware of themselves are usually content with what they have.

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