Playing while away

She was home alone

When the neighbour called

Said he noticed her husband had not come home at all

He was a good friend to both of them

So it didn’t seem strange he was inquiring

She said that works called him away for a few days

And it was par for the course in his working days

He said is there anything she needs done

And the thought before saying

She could do with some fun

Because the truth is her love life was kind of humdrum.

Her neighbour smiled and was intrigued

She was only in her late 20’s

Tall and slim with a tight vest top

And very tight jeans in which she looked so hot

He was 40 and figured he was too old

But always liked to look at her and wished he could

Her in his arms for the briefest time

And thought of things he would like to do in his mind.

Her asked what she meant and she beckoned him in

As soon as he entered she was all over him

Kissing and tugging they wrestled into the kitchen

This was his dream

and would find out what he’s been missing.

As they kissed passionately in a fervid embrace

He took her vest straps off her shoulders

holding her top in place

Pulled it below her perfect size firm breasts

She was braced against the table

As he started kissing her neck.

She pulled his top off and undid his belt

Her skin was the softest and silkiest he had ever felt

As he moved his kisses down to the top of her breasts

He undid her tight jeans with excitement and zest.

Slipping a hand down the her heard her sigh

He felt the perfection of he being inside

She pushed down his jeans

and said ‘bend me over and stand behind’

That simple sentence blew his mind

But he followed her instructions like she asked

Gloryfing in the fact she had an amazing ass

He peeled down her jeans and the fun begun

He pulled her head back by the hair like she wanted done

He closed his eyes and was in state of grace

She was loving the feeling and especially in this time and place

It was afternoon and she was bent over the table

With him proving himself more than able.

Then her mobile phone rang and she answered it

He was surprised though he was intrigued by this

She looked around saying ‘dont slow down’

She he just kept going at it pound for pound

He her her reply to what he must have asked

What are you up to and she said ‘being grabbed by the ass

and being given something special

By the neighbour next door’.

It was as though it was fine

and after they finished he asked did her hubby not mind

She said no he was a fine with it Because when he was away

He did the same as this.

This neighbour left a little confused

She felt happy because she enjoyed being used

At the end of the day they would do it again

Any time her hubby was away.


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