Light and dark

The candle flickers

A chill fills the air

Goosebumps on skin

And the raising of hair

In the back of the neck

And a the cold shoots

Through your being

Gives you the feeling

That you should be fleeing

This darkness

This place of tortured lost souls

Such anguish

Such pain

Tormented souls

Who endlessly scream

With black eyelets stairs

Reside here in this place

But only if you dare

But among all the strange noises

And the shadows which move

Ask yourself what are you trying to prove

The duality of life suggests there is evil and good

So why would you reside in evils neighbourhood

It’s dark and it’s cold

And full of lost suffering wailing souls

Beyond our help needless of our good intention goals

You need to get back to where there’s hope

And where others light

Or be dammned to everlasting night

Seek solace and comfort in the arms of love

Find your inner peace so that you never suffer

But are blessed from above.

Image courtesy of Pinterest


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