People have the might but don’t have the sight

Terrorist bad man

Government plots,

CIA involvement

It never stops,

Venezuela is a point in case

Syria, Yemen suffering the same,

Meanwhile ISIS these fanatical men

Use falsehoods about their religion,

Just to carry out acts of murderous crimes

If you think them religious then you are blind.

Caught between a rock and hard place

Between them both humanity pays,

I have no doubt they answer to the same masters

They sanctions all the wars ever started,

If you are awakened this truth you would see

Instead of dividing and taking sides endlessly.

Stop being used as puppet and and a pawn in their games

We need to unite and drive them away,

By demanding the peace and no more wars

Peace should become the new priority cause,

Then start healing the wounds

And all the suffering

Through breaking our domesticated thinking,

That some how war violence death can not be stopped

But it can if your prepared to change and think of what,

A future of love peace would be like,

We as the people hold that might,

To change the world as we know it

But the time has come to rise up and show it.

Image courtesy of Pinterest


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