Wasting your breath

Left wing, right wing politics boring me to death,

Same puppets playing the systems games and wasting their breath,

Our strength is the power of a united people

Raising voices loud from the high rises and church steeples,

That the system we are looking for

Is one of equality between black and white,

Along with sex and gender

And the belief that it’s alright,

For people to hold and practise different types of faith,

As long as it is respectful and does not encourage hate,

A system that grows young minds from seeds that believe in peace,

That takes war and violence firmly out of their reach,

That teaches balance in everything,

And is the very key to a prosperous

caring and sharing humanity,

Where the nature of dog eat dog no longer needs to exist

And survival of the fittest become an urban myth,

Where the systems and humanity nurtures nature as it grows,

Where nutrients and goodness are the seeds that we sow,

Some might say this can never happen

Its just a Utopian dream

But its better than your nightmare

Of false prophets and of greed,

Where the needy are left to die

And the rest of us are pawns to the systems genocide,

So ask me if I prefer to live in dreams or a nightmare

And I will answer back, in all honesty and truth,

That dreams are for the awakened

Who live in creative’s states,

Who understand the world in which we live,

Is one that we create.


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