Nation theory

Nations rise and nations fall

All all the behest of the madman call,

Nero fiddled why Rome burnt

Throughout history the lessons aren’t learnt,

Violent altications to see who rules

To oppress the people and use them as their tools,

This nation concept seems flawed to me

There are always meglomaniacs driven by greed,

Who want the wealth that other nations build,

So they invade in the hope they will yield

And if they won’t they’ll use their superiority,

To overthrow that government

And bend that nation to their will

Hoping their oppression can be instilled.

This is what happens when you divide

People start taking sides,

Then get envious of what the others achieve

They use violence as superiority,

To go get and take what they need

Convincing others by instilling the belief,

They did it for their own national security.

Anthems, flags and borders cause fanatical minds,

Before you know it they are xenophobic and blind,

To the rights of others yo have their own colour and cultures

And prey on other nations like they’re a vulture,

Waiting for a weakness or an opportunity to arise,

And overthrow foreign governments by supprise,

This has been the same since the dawning of time

Endless on going genocide,

We have not managed to evolve one bit

The only light they’ve ever lit,

Is the light of the torch that burns,

Not the light of divinity that shows we have learnt.


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