Angry souls

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Anger burns deep in a damaged soul,

burns like a furniss, it grows and grows,

essence melts into lava flow,

produces toxic acid used to spit words

of hatred like a poisonous snake.

This anger stems from the fires of fear,

envious and ignorant that is so clear,

feeling as though they are inferior,

a cauldron within a volcano,

ready to explode,

a stream of molten lava of hate over those

they fear and simply do not understand,

anyone who’s different or who get’s in their way,

runs the risk of violence coming, as they bay,

like a vicious snarling dog, showing it’s teeth off

but usually, like always found only in packs,

as courage and bravery they usually lack.

These angry people with angry ways,

are damaged souls in every way.


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