In the end

The path we walk is ours alone

And though it may get tough

We have to keep going

And although it may get lonely

We must never stop

Or our hopes and dreams

Will just decay and rot

And the reason we’re existing

Will then just turn to dust,

So if you ask me I will tell

That keeping going is a must

And to keep faith in creation

And retain the trust,

For there’s a purpose

Though we’re to blind to see,

Hindered by our own lack of perception

That comes our domestication,

We’re to wrapped up the visualisation,

Of the illusory life we live,

To see the bigger picture and receive

The knowledge that it will be ok

That in the end we will say,

‘I wish I’d kept greater faith in the end,

For our lives had importance in the end.’

Yet though even though we struggle to see

The reason for this self belief,

Trust me you will see one day my friend,

The purpose for your life in the end.


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