I have not got no reservations

That the sun

Is not going to shine down on me,

I have got no reason to worry

That the moon

Will not brighten my road at night,

There are something’s

That are dependable

Things that you can always count on

And I would like you to think that’s me,

And that I will always be there to shine for you.

I would like you to know that I will

Shine my light on you,

Make you warm

And keep you safe,

I would like you to know that,

I will be your guardian angel

Moving all obstacles out of your way,

Yes I will be Mr Dependable

Always there for you,

Make so many sacrafices for you

And that’s the truth,

I would do anything for you,

Because that is how important to me you are,

And I hope you understand

And I hope truly believe,

That my love for you is dependable

And that I find you irresistible

And that if you were not in my life

It would be a darker so please,

Be as dependable for me.


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