She has seen a few summers


A few summer’s for her had come and gone

But she still had it all going on,

She has experience she has wisdom

She appreciates all the love songs

And she’s kept her looks and she’s kept her figure

And I dare say shes retained her vigor for life.

She has eyes that show vulnerability,

She has a look of someone powerful indeed,

She has been through hard times, I swear

But it’s strengthened her but she still cares,

Willing to listen and to help anyone,

She has so much capacity for love,

Hard when needed and soft to the touch,

She is someone many would like to love,

All night long and all day,

With her you would carried away.

She’s seen a few summer’s come and go,

That’s not to say She’s old,

She has experience, wisdom and style,

The likes of her only come once in a while.

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