Critical pleasures

Twinflames begin in spiritual sacred intimicy in the second etheric body, only twinf have this signs of many other signs


The beauty you possess is critical

and with you I would like to get physical,

walking hand in hand along the sand

no worries and no demands,

just you and me

strolling along the beach so carefree,

like to souls lost in love,

never ever getting enough.


I look you in the eyes

as I explore deep inside

and feel your body flowing

and I see by your eyes,

which for me are glowing,

as I go deeper into you,

I know the love I found is true,

I see it reflected in your eyes

and within your sighs and cries.


Nobody tastes quite like you,

nobody smells as good as you do,

no one moves as well as you

and as i feel my essence flow through,

I feel the frequency raising higher

you burn hot like a incandescent fire,

glowing divinely into you,

as I feel your essence too,

resonating from the peak of your pleasure,

as I delve into your physical and conscious treasure.


it’s not just your body that I need,

I want you spiritually and mentally,

I want to feel your whole being explode,

from you head down to your toes

and through your heart, your mind, your soul,

in a existential, tantric, chakra flow,

as the seed I then will sow

and within you our love will grow,

for all and everlasting spiritual eternity.


Via Daily Prompt: Critical


Image courtesy of : Pinterest



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