We be chilling

We be all just chilling

The time we all be filling,

While this planet they are killing,

What’s wrong with this picture?

We all be like playing

Dressed up and displaying,

Making out that all is fine

While the planet dies and we act blind,

What’s wrong with this picture?

We be like partying,

We be like drinking,

Smoking on the funny stuff,

Getting munchies way to much

And meanwhile our planets being raped and exploited way to much,

What’s wrong with this picture?

What wrong with your priorities?

We be seeing our world bleed

And still we don’t do anything,

Fools, we be living ignorantly,

Thinking there’s a planet B

But only in your wacked out dreams,

Only in your delusional fantasies,

We be like irresponsibly,

Not taking climate change seriously,

Put down that booze

And put away that weed

And put a hold on the parties

And take life

A lot more seriously

And live life more responsibly,

For when we be saving the planet heroically,

Then we can throw the biggest rave that’s ever been,

To celebrate everything that we achieved,

Through acting existentially,

Through self we took responsibility

For this planet and the air we breath,

We be standing heroically,

For the future is yours to seize

What’s wrong with this picture?

Nothing, we be the saviours of our age.


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