The attraction was so strong

and now the moment was hear,

staring eye to eye

anticipating delight not fear

and as they entered into this ecstatic moment,

everything came tumbling down

as it was not how she dreamed,

it was actually a moment

for somber painful reflection,

that all those dreams and hopes

that she had collected,

about this person she had dreamed of

and was the apple of her eye,

turned out to be selfish, self absorbed

and could not rise,

up to the triumphant task

and take her to a place that would make her gasp

but after awkward moments and a stifled little grumble,

she found out that all her dreams had simply been humbled

and he sneaked out like an dream assassin having crushed he moment of bliss,

and she learnt a valuable lesson that not everything is at it seems.


Via: Daily Prompt: Anticipate


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