Symbiotic existence

Why is that we cannot see the symbiosis in everything,

for all that is in existence does so without resistance,

unless it’s human, then it feel superior and somehow separated,

from all of the universes plans laid down by creation,

Why can we not accept we are a cogs in the universal chain,

why can we not see that time and time again,

in trying to prove to ourselves our important

we show that’s not the case,

we are a destructive, violent, malevolent race,

living just like locusts and inhabiting each bit of space,

that was once the domain of animals, now going extinct,

I am sorry if this sounds harsh but the human race, it stinks,

we need to adopt symbiosis and live as one with the earth,

we have to see this important lesson if we are ever to learn,

how to live sustainably and in an eco friendly way,

for if we do not do this then we shall all surely pay.


2 thoughts on “Symbiotic existence

  1. I wholeheartedly agree that human race stinks beyond. While I see beautiful things in individuals the beauty perishes as the groups start to form and let themselves be led by psychopaths who in their attempt to escape their own stench decided to create shitstorms everywhere just to justify their existence. We have either forgotten or have perhaps never reached the level of being that focuses on the beauty of life and not on destruction… Sorry for the rant.

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