Morning has broken

Morning mist and morning fog

Hangs over the water,

A dewy damp is in the air

I feel my self at one with dawn,

I feel I have shed all my cares

In the solitude and isolation,

I feel so renewed

In the dampness and the perfectness,

Of this morning dew,

I feel like I am revived

Feel like I am on a mountain high,

It’s if I could reach the sky

And like my soul and dreams can’t be denied,

On this ethereal dawn

Life seems so delicate in everyway,

On this beautiful early morn

I bow down to all that’s borne,

From creation into nature

From creation into all that exists,

I give you thanks for

The very air I breathe

And for exposing me to all of this,

In a display so amazing environmentally

I give you extensively.


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