Space talking

Space talking,

Universe walking,

Cosmic thought provoking,

Insignificant us deep in space,

In a void that’s never ending

Where we spend our time pretending,

We are masters of the universe

Which is strange come from a humanity cursed,

Poised to self destruct

Unable to bring about global unconditional love,

Or even any harmony,

We spend our times cutting down trees that help us breathe,

And are killing all the bees we need,

That are pivotal to our existence.

Space talking,

Universal walking,

Cosmic thought provoking,

We find we’ve created a planet that’s choking,

With wires and plugs and discarded old computers

And you can hear the whispers ,

If you listen deeper into space,

That everybody’s saying avoid the human race,

They’re like locusts destroying all in their wake,

They are like a virus

Draining the lifeblood from all souls.

Space talking,

Universe walking,

Cosmic provoking,

Let’s shine as bright as the stars,

Let’s show infinity we are prepared to travel far

To find a balanced planet,

A place to exist in peace and love And harmony,

Disguising it as futile dream

But we know we have the belief,

In astral travelling,

That will take us a very long way from here,

And help us reside in a place that knows no fear.


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