Mangrove trees

We burn bright in the night

Among the mangrove trees

Of a far distant world

Never before seen

We pay creatures of all shapes and sizes

Scurrying around

Making strange noises And funny sounds

In the mangrove swaps of a distant world

We make new discoveries

In a far distant world we feel the energy

Of the ecology working all as one

Linked to each other

All organisms sing the same song

Under the moonlit light that shines from two moons

We delight

In the of creation in full flight.

Now the night gives way to light

As the sun begins to rise

And opens up our eyes to splendour.

Down among the mangrove treesa multitude of life seethe s

As we walk out from the swamps

We behold the beauty

Of luscious valleys so verdant green

And mountains so high covered in trees

And all this nature seems to me

Like a new Eden

That’s been given the freedom

To flourish alone

As the perfect eco system

I feel the grace and bliss of creation.

This is all worlds should be

Balanced ecologically

This is how nature should be nurtured

We discovered this among the mangrove tree.


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