We are unique

Everyone is special,

Each of us unique,

All just individual,

No matter our gender or colour

Or the language we speak,

We are the spark of light

That was sent forth by creation,

We are the dream of human personification,

You know you feel it in you

That you are different from the rest,

Yet also we are connected

Within the matrix.

All of us are unique,

With our own given paths,

All of are individual,

Set certain tasks,

Our time is limited

So it’s best to learn and awaken fast,

We have a mission

Of nurturing love and peace,

All of us are striving

Yet being distracted by the illusory,

We have to find the focus

We have to keep the belief,

That we are unique and amazing

And can achieve anything,

So stay special,

Stay unique,

Thrive in individuality

And the light

That brightens all of humanity.


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