Domesticated bliss

The domestication within life

Leads to wedded bliss

To being husband and wife,

Exchange rings and swear an oath

And now that you are betrothed,

Save for a mortgage get a nice car,

Show how normal you both are,

Have one or two children to seem complete,

A perfect vision of the domesticated dream,

With thoughts of growing old together gracefully.

Yet when the pressures set in, the cracks show fast,

The material statuses never seem to last

And the constant need for something new,

Is an endless task of empty meaningless experiences

In all truth.

Then you realise the love was shallow,

Both thought you looked like the perfect couple

But it takes more than looking good,

To survive the years of wedded bliss

And if you are lucky to survive,

Build the perfect material life

And you end up getting old as you dreamed,

You lose your mental or physical faculties

And you end up in a home for the elderly

And family fight over who will get what

But the state steps in and takes back the lot

And you suddenly wonder was was it for,

You come into being with nothing

You will go out the same way

That’s for sure

And all that time you wasted away

Building up the perfect material life

To put on display,

Will all meant nothing as you lay there on your deathbed,

Regretting a life born to be wasted.

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