Bankers are robbers

Can’t believe after all these years

Bankers got away with a trillion dollar robbery,

That although they got caught

They were then bailed out,

By the people’s taxes that they never paid back

And have gone back to their old ways

And still pay themselves a ridiculous wage,

With obscene bonuses to top it up

How have they got away With it

It’s not luck.

It’s corruption in truth, plain and simple

And the public got shafted once again

And as nurses and carers struggle on poor pay

It’s the unemployed who everyone blames,

For beating on the lowly and the weak,

Is a past time of distraction for the rich

And everybody in between believed what they say,

Because they are intellectually gifted

At the smoke and mirrors game,

The art of distraction and shifting blame

But the fact is bankers robbed us all time and again

And never got punished in anyway at all.

Many sneaked away with extortionate pensions,

Something scum like me should not be allowed to mention

But the truth and the reality is they stitched us all up,

Took the money from the accounts of everyone of us

And you may call me bitter but I still think

That what they did really stinks

And they should all be rounded up and locked away

And left there to rot and decay.

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