Deep state

Deep state thrives

Encouraging divides,

Antifa and Alt Right

Play out puppet games,

Of the Rockerfellers and Rothschild

Of the illuminati, they are the brainchilds,

Creating wars and undermining states,

Creating so much death,

Creating so much hate

They know that to rule, they have to divide,

To much strength when the people unite,

Both sides, left and right being used,

Too wrapped up in conditioning

They are all confused,

By the media news

Designed to distract you,

Created to infuse

Divisions in you,

Religion is part of the same school,

Part of the same brotherhood of division

The brotherhood of rule,

All faiths are being used the same

We are all being schooled,

In the art of division

In the art of divide and rule,

They got the money

Which makes it easy to manipulate the power,

When you control the banks

And the flow of where the money goes to,

You can determine policy

Of any country.

Deep state, deep humanity control,

Deep state, deep money control,

Deep state, deep political control,

Open your eyes,

See the problem

It’s not with your fellow man,

It’s not between left and right,

It’s not between colour, faiths or nations,

It’s with those who are part of the deep state,

It’s with those who are controlling.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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