I don’t care

Why should I care for society

When it don’t care for me,

Spending it’s time wrapped in the illusory,

Why should I care for a state based on hate,

It just wants to encourage me just to be the same,

Why should I care about a system that is broken

And disregards every word that I have spoken.

I don’t care for the establishment,

I don’t care about governments,

They just create wars and corruption,

I don’t care for their material seduction.

I tell you what I care about

Those who stand for peace

And those who stand for love,

I tell you what I care for as an old punk anarchist,

Anyone who is an existentialist

And believes in self rule

And is a pacifist doesn’t resort to violence

And can turn the other cheek.

I tell you what I care about

Abiding by teachings of the Buddhists,

They got it right,

Because their faith ain’t built on worship,

Its not fixated on guilt and sin,

Its based on kindness, compassion and forgiveness,

I don’t care about the left or the right,

Duality states everything has two sides,

I prefer a life of balance

I try to live a life of evenly weighted understanding,

I don’t care about the way the media divides us,

I tell you what I care about

And that’s uniting us.

I don’t care about a lot of things it’s true

But believe me I believe in you.

I don’t care for who think climate change ain’t real,

I’ve no time for those who can’t see what is real,

I don’t care about corporation’s causing destruction,

I care about being there as an obstruction,

Stopping these parasites of damage and greed,

Wreaking havoc environmentally,

I don’t care for those who cut down trees,

Or treat animals with such cruelty,

I tell you what I care about animals, earth and humanity,

And if you don’t agree then you can bite me,

Because the thing I care about most is us all being free

To live a life of love, peace and liberty.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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