Don’t disobey me is what the police say,

Stick to the pavement like they say ,

Do what I said, your parents say,

Do what I tell you, your teachers say,

So many people having their say,

Telling us no to misbehave,

Priest tells us when we get married to obey,

To many people with to much to say,

Which makes me more likely to disobey,

Reject the corrupt capaltalist system

And disobey,

Reject the self serving establishment

And disobey,

Don’t go and fight wars because they say,

Don’t be afraid to disobey,

Live within your domesticated ways,

Break the mould and disobey.

Via: Daily Prompt: Disobey


7 thoughts on “Disobey

  1. If they are going to keep legislating and legislating at the expense of their own legal system and meal ticket… then they really want to stay in fit spiritual condition so they don’t get caught for breaking their own laws. Lol

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  2. Until one day they don’t let me do anything and I take a dump in their spa. I then get compensated whilst they are charged with false imprisonment for taking charge of my natural bodily functionalities

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