Existing in a place

Existing in a place

Where you feel the frequency of love,

Existing in a place

Where you understand the nature,

Of elemental transcendant thought,

Living a life of dreaming

And endless flow of streaming,

Energy and conscious light

I feel my vibrations rise.

Existing in a place

Filled with harmony and bliss,

Existing in a place

Of grace and embracing it,

I wonder if this is possible

Or just illusory delusion,

I find myself a fundamental final last conclusion,

Of ethical morality that could add further solutions,

To a contented life of happiness

That full fills what we need,

I hope that I can inspire the rebellious seed,

That will grow into something stronger than we could ever know

And prove that it was worth the planting

Having seen what we have sown,

Existing in this place

The challenge is great

But worth the struggle in the end

If you live it well.

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