Journeys end

The potentiality of our true course

Leads us on journey to the true source,

Of everything in existence

And the true love,

That will be revealed to all

Within the realisation of the conscious,

Because the true love

Comes from deep within.

And you can be forgiven

For thinking any other love was never quite enough,

Its because it fails to replicate the one true love,

That came from within the source

Of everything that’s living,

That is totally life giving and sustaining.

One day we will realise when we open our eyes,

That being human is just experience

And that in the end it’s all about the lessons we learn,

On our journey back to our souls and to the source,

The source is the true home found beyond even the stars,

That creates all things and that is everywhere you are

And within you it resides in real love and the truth,

Of everything life is and how it’s all created by you.

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