They got bombs

They got bombs,

Nuclear bombs,

They keep threatening to drop them on

Me and you,

And destroying all things,

Is this not something to cause an uprising,

No matter what colour, faith, gender or nation you reside in,

Is this not something

We should all be opposing.

They got bombs,

Nuclear bombs ,

They keep threatening to drop them on

Me and you.

This is not fake news, it’s the truth

So tell me what do you think we should do?

Carrying on living in fear or pretend it is not real,

Or start to send a message out loud and clear,

We don’t want your bombs,

Or your nuclear wars,

We don’t want to have to live in fear anymore,

You can sit as a passive observer,

Do nothing, say nothing, that’s your choice,

Or you can so no, this is not what I want

And start to use your voice,

To protest about the fact that we don’t want annihilation,

Who do they they think they are, to destroy all things created,

Is it not about time

We started an uprising,

By saying no bombs,

By saying no wars,

We all need to get behind this cause.

They got bombs,

Nulear bombs,

And they wont care about dropping them on,

Me and you.

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