Religion is a thorny issue

It’s a thorny issue is religion

I am not about to start an inquisition,

everybody is entitled to their belief,

which faith is truly the one to believe,

my view is they are all man made

if not at the beginning then along the way,

with room for misinterpretation,

conflicting views that leave scope,

for plenty of contradiction.

My religion is simple

believe in self, before anyone else,

love self, before loving anyone else

and then love all else,

be kind to self and everyone else,

be compassionate to everyone else,

be tolerant towards those that need and deserve it,

Be at peace with self,

then show peace to everyone else.

This is how you live a good life,

show others no hate, violence or spite

keep all your words and actions impeccable,

act in a way that’s respectable.

if we do this any God

would be happy to embrace you

and say you lived life good,

you were not created to surrender you life

to an effigy or for a belief,

you were created to live well and righteously,

full of love, compassion and peace.

Religion is not required to achieve this,

just an understanding of right and wrong.

Worship you life before all else,

be the light that helps all else,

be selfless not selfish but don’t neglect self,

don’t spend your life around chasing greed and wealth

and neglecting the spiritual aspect of life,

like living a life with love and with light.


Via: Daily Prompt: Thorny


Image courtesy of Pinterest.

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