We would grow more if we were to coalesce,

Become on stream of consciousness,

Unify as a humanity,

Beautifying all we see.

We could be amazing in all we do And all we believe,

It would open us up to the universe boundlessly,

To the things we could achieve,

Unlimited by boundaries,

Unrestricted by hate and greed,

Not divided by politics, or belief,

We can be the change

Bring about a new golden age,

By coalescing as a stream

Of consciousness.


3 thoughts on “Coalesce

  1. Hello Fauxcroft,

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    I think you should consider doing this or at least look at this. It will make putting a book of poetry together so easy and pretty inexpensive too. Karen 🙂

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  2. I like this idea. When will we eventually be able to break down our boundaries and walls?

    It seems that difference and dissent are engrained in who we are.

    Like magnets with different polarities, our societies are polarised to push opposites away and attract likes.

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