Recreate the self

We need to recreate

The way that we live life

Not in the negative

A life of greed, hate and lies

But rather we should be

Embracing positivity

To advance humanity

Beyond this state we are in.

Our world suffers the turmoil of wars

Poverty and starvation is rife

Our ecology is being compromised

And climate change is being denied

We must mould ourselves to want to achieve more

Than simply have to suffer continual wars

And have starving and poor people

Increasing more and more

In a society where people hoard

Taking much more than they need

Which is a basic form of greed

We should only take just what we need

So that everybody else gets their fair share

And we should care for and nurture our earth

This home in which we live

Which is continually being hurt

We have to recreate ourselves and our beliefs

Live for love and compassion as well as impeccably

We need to look within ourselves until we find

A way to be peace and to be kind

We need to learn to live in a state of harmony

And to create a world that is an amazing place to live

In safety as well as in peace

Sharing the love between you and me.

Via:Daily Prompt: Recreate

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