Sting in the tail

I walk quietly

Trying to go unseen

Through the dark night of ebony

Hearing the whispers

Hearing the screams

Of a forlorn humanity

That endures a tsunami

Of suffering

That goes on repeatedly reoccurring

In cycle of cruelty in a world where to few are caring

And far to few are brave enough and daring

To voice their opinions or their views

Not wanting to stand out and be accused

Of scaremongering

By those who in still the fear

By those who cause a million tears

To be shed in the darkness and the bleakness of their lives

Its up to us to stand up for thosepeoples rights

It’s not about trying to prove our bravery

It’s about living courageously

And trying to shine a light

By doing what is right

And creating a future that is bright

But there is a sting in the tail

And that is those who do wrong

Are always going to try Aand stop us

So we have to be strong

And keep our belief that if we perserveer

That we can put an end to humanities tears.

Via:Daily Prompt: Sting


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