Within darkness

What darkness is this

That entices me

To be so engaged passionately

Against the big corporate machines

That destroys our earth and its down trees

And is corrupted by greed

That creates a world of poverty

From the murky corridors

And institutions where they reside

And new people recruited

From the ranks of the social elite

To keep the majority populist weak and meek

And so divided that they have no voice to speak

And the lesson we learn are the ones they teach

Which distract and domesticated

Meanwhile the media they infiltrate

And encourage people to discriminate and hate

Because they know their power and wealth is at stake

If they dont find ways to placate the masses.

If that fails to work use fear

Bring the threat of nuclear war near

So that people put their trust in them

To keep them safe here

And it makes compliance easy

And distracts from their games of greed.

The darkness is kind of eerie

And bleak to the extreme

As we they move in the shadows anonymously

As the creep in and infiltrate movements

Who are hoping to create something good

From neighbourhood

To neighbourhood

But the corporation’s don’t like good

So they undermine and make their message misunderstood

Through the media game

The government blames

These movements from causing trouble

But trouble comes in the form of corporation’s

Who destroy people, environments and nations

And worry nothing about human rights violations

And only believe in greed.


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