A moment to remember

Let me trace your intimacies

With my finger tips and tongue,

Let linger over you

All of the night long,

Let’s both find the paradise

In each other’s eyes,

Let me flow between

Your silky heavenly thighs

And let me into your embrace

And make your passion rise,

Let me savour all the fruits

Of your delights,

Let me deep within your body

But also in your mind,

Let me take you heart and soul

And rock your world sublime,

Let me feel the parts of you

That crave to be touched,

Let our body’s writhe together

In rhythm and in time,

As we both desperately cling

And hold each other tight,

Let me take you to a climax

Filled of the brightest light,

Let me hear your murmurs

Let’s me hear your moans,

I want to taste every inch of your skin,

As your essence gently flows,

I want you to know how good it feels when we’re connected,

I want you to want me so much

That you give the very best yet,

That you’ve ever given anyone before

Or ever will again.

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