To many guns

To many guns

Not enough love,

We fight wars

Way too much,

To much violence

On our TV screens,

To much death

It’s so obscene,

Yet it defines

Our cruel society.

A lust for blood

A need for glory,

All wrapped up

And way to gory,

See the scenes

On the TV screens,

Lose track of reality

Playing war games

On your X Box or PS4,

Hike up the settings

To maximum gore,

Act it all out in the mind

You then also

Become define

As a brute

And a psychopath,

With no humanity

Diving headlong

Into insanity,

We teach to much

War, hate, violence, death,

Not enough love,

Not enough peace,

So as a result

We’re not compassionate,

We need more focus

on positivity,

To get away from

Life negativity.

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