Are you looking at me?

Hey you looking at me

With your judgemental belief,

What do you see

Do you see the compassion within me,

Do you see someone focused on love and peace,

Or do you just perceive what you want to believe,

Do you just want to label and box me,

Does it make is so very easy,

To just categorise me.

Hey you looking at me,

Sorry if what you see does not please you

But this is not my fault

For I can only just be me

And I am not here to please you,

I am unique, I am nobody’s fool

And I won’t be used as a tool.

Hey you looking at me,

Don’t try to define my belief

I ain’t a religious man,

I live for spirituality,

I am just a common man

Living the best that I can

And if that upsets you that’s not my fault

But I won’t let myself be caught

In the tight grasp,

Of your controlling nature,

I remain in conscious reality

Because that’s where I feel free.

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