Live for you

We can live life chasing trivial pursuits,

We can waste our time doing what others want us to do,

We can look back and see What has passed us by

While we were allowing our lives to be undermined

But we can still turn this all around,

We can still live a life profound,

You just got live for yourself a little more,

You got to love yourself enough to put yourself first,

Then when you do this we can offer help to others,

Without the fear of being to used or being smothered,

You have to find a balance between selfless and the self,

You got stop putting your dreams on the shelf,

For postponing whats right for you in life

Will hinder your journey to discover your own light.

Your path is yours and yours alone,

If you keep leaving it for others

You never get to know,

Where your path leads in the end

And before you know it you will be dead,

Because life goes by so fast

So live in the moment

And make it last,

For you have to find the balance between selfless and self,

Devote some time for you

To improve your spiritual health,

Because others will be happy to waste your time,

Trying to resolve all the problems in their lives

But that is their challenge it’s not yours

And loving yourself enough is not a flaw

And if you love yourself you will spend time,

Discovering the truth that is deep inside,

So cast off distractions because it’s no fair,

For others always expecting you be there,

Surrendering your own life for them

You have the right to live for yourself in the end.

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