Deep, dark cosmic space

Deep, dark cosmic space

This is my favourite place,

Hidden deep among the stars

I live life in celestial faraway dreams.

Deep, dark cosmic dreams

Not everything is as it seems,

I astral travel leaving my body at home,

While I fly and while I roam galactic zones.

Deep, dark cosmic zones

I am searching for my way home,

Multiverses come and go

Where I go to is unknown,

In my dreams where the spirit flows.

Deep, dark cosmic space,

It’s a place that I embrace,

Infinite and created by my own mind,

This is a place of solitude without the pressure of time.

Deep, dark cosmic space,

This is a place where I can play

Free from the judgement of societies,

Here nothing boxes or tries to define me

I can just be me,

Spirit roaming and soaring free,

In the deep, dark cosmic space

Of my astral dreams,

I find the love and truth inside of me,

I find the isolation and solitude I need,

To bring myself back to me,

In the deep, dark cosmic space

I come face to face with authentic me.

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