The tentative look

Tentatively I looked at you

with your ripped jeans looking cool,

your little cropped top and your hair tied up

you shone like a angel standing there

and I was left without any words

breathless and looking absurd,

standing there staring, acting the nerd,

wondering if I was the type you preferred.

You glanced at me and you give a little smile

my heart raced and you sent my brain wild,

suddenly I thought there is a chance for me

with the most beautiful women I have ever seen,

you moved with such grace

and you shimmered like a dream,

I was elevated to heights supreme

and as you moved closer I got ready to talk

hoping I would do more than squawk

but you put you finger gently on my lips

then replaced it with a gentle kiss

and said ‘I have always seen you as a man of my dreams,

because like me you live consciously aware of everything

and you definitely, seemed fully awakened to me and that’s what I need.’

My legs nearly buckled but then I suddenly,

felt empowered by her speaking openly

and I replied ‘that’s exactly what I believe, living in conscious reality’

and we both walked off and lived happily,

in a world that we created mindfully,

both connected as twin flames,

we set the universe ablaze with our light

and it such an amazing sight

as we reveled in the sheer delight of being.


Via: daily Prompt: Tentatively

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