This is a place of dreams

This place in which we exist

Is a place of dreams

And requires for it to be good

Some real belief,

Not necessarily in religion

And certainly not politics,

We just need to retain belief in self

And your ability to think,

For being conscious

And being awake is a crucial link,

To connecting up the dots

To the meaning of existence,

Inquisitivness and asking questions

And seeking truth and rejecting lies,

Are part of living life good,

A part of living life right

And discovering our spirit inside

Helps us all to unite,

As universal, cosmic entities,

For we are energy and light,

All rolled up together

And if we embrace and share love,

We can achieve a world of peace,

That is compassionate.

This place where we exist right now

Is a place of dreams,

So remember to be creative

And live amazingly.

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