Clear and present danger

There is a hole in the ozone layer

And are faults running through the lands,

There are super volcanoes

All these present a danger to man,

And yet as imminent as these dangers

May present themselves to you and me,

It’s important to understand the greatest threat

Posed to this Earth

Is clearly from humanity,

Toiling in ignorance and greed

To bring about our own destruction,

Self extinction comes second to corporate corruption

And through our blindness we can’t see

That we are like a virus,

Infecting eath like a disease

And the sickness reaches out from inside us,

We must learn to live and nurture our ecology

And learn to lessen our greedy ways

And our belief in our superiority,

For we are just another link in nature

But we are malfunctioning,

We need to heal this planet

If we wish to keep existing.

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