The teardrop

A teardrop emphasises

The sadness in her soul,

She misses the summer now

And she is braced against the cold,

She wears her scars of life

With pride and true diligence

But she just wants to feel the love

One that would make a difference,

Yes she likes a little solitude and a little bliss

But she would also like to savour that first lovers kiss,

The sweet taste of being wanted

And also feeling safe,

She really wishes she could feel the sun upon her face,

That gives the glow to everything

That feels right about life,

She wants just to feel the radiance

Of the universes divine light.

Is it to much to ask for?

This she contemplates,

I think she deserves to be happy

At least in this small way,

She is not asking for the earth

Just some warmth, light and an embrace,

To make her like life’s worth living each and every day.

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